Surprised by Love

My daughter and I went shopping. As I looked through the clothes that hung precariously on the hangers, a pretty 5-year-old girl popped out of nowhere. With short black hair that sported a fringe and wearing a beautiful dress, she smiled and asked me in a charming voice, “Aunty, did you see my sister?” Surprised and taken aback by her sweetness, especially with a stranger, I pointed to a young girl and asked whether it was her sister. She nodded in the negative and disappeared. I continued my search, and after a while, she came out again and told me her sister’s name was Lianna. I couldn’t resist having a conversation with her, so I pointed to my daughter, saying, “My daughter’s name is Lianne”. She smiled and disappeared once again. Sometime later, I found her taking to Lianne. Surprised by her friendliness and concern for her safety, I told her to stay with her mother. But oblivious to my advice, she chatted away with Lianne as long lost friends. She then took Lianne to her mother, and after introducing her, she told Lianne, “Let go around and make friends!”. It was a heart-warming sight, two strangers, a tall teenager walking hand in hand with a toddler.

“Let go around and make friends!” , the little girl said.


Soon it was time to leave, and I broke the news to this little girl. She looked so sad and asked whether she could take Lianne home. Amazed at her love, we bid her farewell. With a sad face, she volunteered to give Lianne a piece of her candy. After Lianne took it, we bid farewell to our little friend.

We were enthralled by this little girl’s love and affection. A kind of love which Jesus commanded his disciples to follow, “A new command I give you: Love one another. The ‘one another’ Jesus’ refers to are not only our near and dear, but everyone including – the nosy neighbour, the insensitive colleague, the unfair supervisor, the unkind family member – in other words, what Jesus is implying is that we should also love the unlovable. He then goes on to say, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another”.

Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another”

God’s love is the all-surpassing love that never fails to love despite our failures and our unfaithfulness. Despite being Creator, He left Himself in the hands of His own creation to be humiliated and hung on the cross like a common criminal, and He chose to say, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. To love the unlovable, pardon the unpardonable and love a stranger is a love that can never go unnoticed by the world.

That day as we walked out of the showroom, we remembered what the little girl said to Lianne, “I want to take you home”. And as we walked past the door, it dawned on us that it was we who needed to take her (that kind of love) home.

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