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A few days ago, we blew the fuse of one of our ceiling lamps. Our family’s ardent photographer clicked a photograph of the lamps. As I looked at the picture of the dark light hanging with the glowing lamps, the dead lamp reminded me of a person without hope.

As humans, you and I cannot survive for long without hope.  Rabbi Hugo Gryn was born in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.  He lived in a home filled with love and warmth until in 1944 when he was taken among 10,000 Jews to be confined in Berehovo Ghetto.  At that time Hugo who was barely a teenager went with his father, mother, grandparent and his ten-year-old brother.     Being advised to say he was nineteen-year-old and a carpenter he and his father were sent to work, while his brother and grandfather were sent to the gas chambers.  Hugo remembers his father’s sound advice as they lived on meagre provisions, “You and I have seen that it’s possible to live as long as three weeks without food.  We once lived almost three days without water.  But you cannot live properly for three minutes without hope”. 

On May 4, 1945, Hugo was freed and he lived to tell his story.

We cannot live without hope for three minutes 

A student will lose his hope when he hears the words, “You will never make it in life”.  A daughter will be crestfallen by the statement, “You are worthless.  I wish you were never born in our family”.   A family will be heartbroken by the words of the doctor, “We have done our best.  There is no hope”.

Why is hope significant? Hope is a necessity because without hope we “die”.   Just like the lifeless fused lamp.   We need hope because if we lose hope, we lose the peace to live for today and the confidence to live for tomorrow.

When we lose hope, we lose the peace to live for today and the confidence to live for tomorrow.

So where can we find hope? 

King David in the Psalms looked to God and said, “My hope is in You”.   If the basis of our hope is on our intelligence, possessions or anything in this world, they are bound to fail.    Instead we need to look beyond, we need to build our foundation on a Person, and that Person is Jesus Christ.  The Apostle, Peter calls Him the Living Hope


Pic Courtesy Jaden Johnson 

18 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Very true Lynette…. beautifully written…. Praise God for we have Jesus the Living Hope …. that’s why we are able to move forward in life…. God bless you Lynette.


  2. Nice post…yes indeed fixing our hope on Jesus changes how we look at things happening around us.


  3. Dear Lynn,
    God bless you for this wonderful thought that hope is the lifeline of humanbeings. We are blessed to have the living hope living in us. Waiting for the next blog.
    Pastor Gnanasekhar


  4. Can anyone live without hope. Well written and meaningful. God bless you and use your talents mightily.


  5. Great inspiration “ we cannot live without hope even for 3 mins “ with the true life story of Rabbi Hugu.
    Jesus is our only Hope until our life time . Congrats Lynette . This is a great ministry for God – reaching souls through stories & personal experiences.
    Jaden’s photograph is awesome 👏. God Bless .

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  6. As usual, beautifully written lynette, Jesus christ our living hope is our lifeline. God bless .


  7. Very true – 3 minutes we cannot live without hope. It is true. Like Stepen’s result I did not have patience, struggling with the website. As you said if I had hope on Jesus so much of struggle would not have happened. Thanks for the meaningful word hope. Beautifully you have told the meaning of hope. Without Jesus there is no hope to live in this world. Thank you Lynette. Msy God Bless you


  8. Well written and an apt one for the current times as our only Hope is Jesus to help us tide over the crisis.


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