The Stowaway

A Christmas Story for the young at heart: Part 3/5

“Ha, ha, ha”, Sundelli53 heard the sound of laughter, which seemed to be drawing closer and closer to him. The night was dark except for a few stars dotted in the sky. He turned around to see from where the sound of laughter was coming from when he noticed two young men sitting on a wagon that carried hay and were drawn by two horses. The men seemed like two friends. They were joking, laughing and sharing stories with each other.    

Sundelli knew he had to hitch a ride because the diary he carried with him was getting heavier by the day. The more he wrote, the more it became heavier. It was his past.  

As the sound of the wagon drew closer, Sundelli firmly held on to his diary and got ready to take a leap into the wagon. As the wagon drew closer and the horses moved past him, Sundelli tried to grab onto a rope that hung loosely from the back of the wagon. He missed it by a whisker. He began to run with the wagon tugging his diary with him. As he ran, he noticed a small stone lying on the road before him. Sundelli ran, hopped onto the rock, and reached out and grabbed the rope with all the little strength that he had. And yes, he reached it! He hung on to the rope with his dear life and his diary. After catching his breath, little by little, he heaved himself up, pulling his diary up with him. He sighed with relief as he nestled himself at the back of the wagon filled with straw that was being taken from the palace to the village below.    

He heard the voices of the men.

“Did you hear about the few old men who visited the palace?”

“Oh yes! I heard they were travellers.  They came from a distant country following a light.  I think it was a star. This star was so bright that it seemed to light up the sky”. 

“Following a star that lights up a sky? Imagine that”, he scoffed, “Faith, you believe everyone!”

“I am serious. I heard it from the maids in the palace that these men study stars and they found this particular one”

“Studying and following stars, it’s all humbug!”

“Well I heard the men are now on their way”

Sundelli was beginning to feel tired. The excitement of climbing into the wagon made him extremely exhausted and sleepy. But before he went to sleep, Sundelli pulled out his diary and wrote – Those who seek the Light will find it. He added a star next to it.   

When he closed his diary, he heard one of the men saying, “Let’s forget about light and stars. We need to get on with our journey and deliver this hay tomorrow morning.”

The wagon began to speed up while Sundelli snuggled his head into the hay and went to sleep. 

Follow Sundelli’s trail.  Read his next adventure, next week.

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