A Night Walk

Part 4/5

Brr. Brr. Sundelli shivered.  The cold night wind was blowing against him as he walked down the empty road.  The wagon that he travelled last night had made a loud grinding halt at a barn near the village. 

Sundelli hopped off the wagon with his diary and began to trudge along the road.  He thought to himself the book was becoming heavier and heavier.  But he carried it along because it contained his past. 

Sundelli walked close to the fields while trying to avoid the owls that flew at night.  From a distance, he heard the faint sound of bleating sheep.  As he came closer to the sound of the sheep, he looked towards his right and he saw them about hundreds grazing.   A little distance away from them, he saw a few men sitting on a little mound of grass.  They sat quietly, lost in their thoughts.  It was a long tiring day for them, but they needed the night work.  The days were hard and the salary was good.  Silently they sat, some of them watching the sheep while others lay down on their back, watching the stars.    

Sundelli walked near them making sure they did not hear him.  All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks.  The sky lit up.  The light was so bright that it seemed to extend to the horizon.  The men jumped up with astonishment and fear writ all over their faces.  

Sundelli heard a loud voice which he could not understand.  It spoke to the men.  The frightened men calmed down and began to listen attentively.  All of a sudden, Sundelli heard singing, it seemed like a choir which sang in the palace, but even better.  After the singing stopped, the bright light disappeared in an instant.  He saw the men, they were happy and excited.  

“Hope, let’s go”, one of them said.  

The others were talking at the same time.  

They began to quickly round up their sheep and leading them elsewhere.  The men went together, laughing and talking in excited tones.

“Strange”, thought Sundelli.  

He took out his diary and wrote – Where there is Light, there is no fear. He added a heart next to it.

He closed his diary and began to run behind the men, wondering to himself where they were going.   

Follow Sundelli’s trail.  Look forward to his final destination.

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