I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy, and yes, I literally mean it. 

Who can say “No” to comedy, especially when it comes to Lucille Ball?  Years ago, whenever the programme was aired on television, I made sure I watched it because I could never finish an episode without chuckling or laughing heartily.  I was drawn to Lucy’s appearance, charm, comic timing, and mannerism that made comedy so natural to her as if it was her second self.

So, when the movie ‘Being the Ricardos’, a biographical drama film about the series, was released, I was curious to watch the film.  I wanted to know more about the real and the reel Lucille, what ticked her and what made her become who she was.  

I was in for a surprise.

What first struck me was realizing that I was not among a few hundred who watched the series.  Actually, I was one among the 60 million people.    According to the film, I Love Lucy was so famous that departmental stores would shut down on Mondays because there was no flow of people at its peak.

Why?  They were all glued to I Love Lucy!  Millions tuned in and were enthralled by her and the episodes.

What I also saw was Lucy’s dedication and determination.  The way she perfected every scene until she could visualize the audience laughing while watching it.  She came across to me as someone hardworking and sincere. 

But what I also saw was her love for her real and screen husband, Desi Arnaz.  She’s aware of her husband’s infidelity and believes that if she constantly remains by his side, it would deter him from wandering.  Lucy suggested his name to the producers to play her husband’s role, and she got what she wanted.

As the movie unfolds, so does her life.  You can find her fearing that her marriage would end one day because the steps she took never stopped him.  Sometimes I wonder if she perfected every scene so that the series would go on and, in that process, hoping that her husband’s love for her would do too.  She was right.  When the serial did end, her marriage ended too.

We all have our desires.  We have those longings that stem from deep within us.  And one of those longings is to be loved.  But what happens when that longing to be loved is lacking?  What happens when our longing is unfulfilled? We fill it up with other “things”, hoping that the emptiness and void will get filled.

If you are feeling thirsty and looking for something to quench your thirst.  If you have a choice, you may prefer a carbonated drink after it looks good and tastes sweeter.  The problem is after you drink it, you are still left feeling thirsty.  It’s until you reach out for a glass of water and drink it your thirst is quenched.  Ask Ronaldo. At a press conference, Ronaldo once took the carbonated drink from his table and replaced it with water!

Only water can quench our thirst.  But what happens when the water is not sufficient to quench our thirst.  We may try to fill up our cup with other items, hoping it will.

Similarly is our desire for love.  We find love from our family, spouse, children, and friends, which are valuable and will fill our cup, but it will probably not be completely full.  So we may search for alternatives to fill our cup ā€“ shopping, social media, and other activities ā€“ hoping that our cup will be full in pursuing these.  But our cup can never be completely full until it is filled with God’s love.  God’s love is transcendent, sacrificing and all-encompassing.

If we don’t fill our cup with His love, we are still left thirsty and looking for love in all the wrong places.

King David begins Psalm 63, saying,

O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you.

My soul thirsts for you;

my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land

where there is no water.  (Ps. 63:1 NLT)

King David found his love in God.  And yes, his cup overflowed.

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