Who am I?

Who am I? I’m a woman unseen,

Nameless, they see me and cry out, “unclean”.

Twelve years abandoned and left aside,

Weak, ashamed, ignored and no one by my side.

“The Son of God”, they say, “He’s come”,

“His name is Jesus”, “He’s healing”, “Look, miracles have begun!”

Who am I? sigh, he will surely never know,

But then, at least, I will be healed, if only I just go.

“He’s over there, but there are crowds”, I lament,

I push through, for I must at least touch his garment.

Who am I? , I cry as tears run down like water,

But then, He healed me, turned around, and called me…“DAUGHTER”.

This poem is adapted from the Biblical narrative in Luke 8:43-48

Happy Women’s Day!

Remember you are daughters of the Most High God!

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