Facing our Fears

Read Time: 2 min Have you ever been terrified of shadows? I vividly remember as a child wary to walk into any dark or dimly lit room. Whenever I wanted to take something from the room, and if I only really really needed it, I would run as fast inside, grab what I needed, andContinue reading “Facing our Fears”

Catch a Glimpse of the Sun

Reading Time: 2 min Looking up at the blue morning sky, I noticed the clouds. It was a fabulous sight to behold. Dark clouds dotted the sky, but behind the clouds, the sun shone brightly.  The dazzling sun behind the clouds gave the clouds a glowing silver lining. In life, we often face those darkContinue reading “Catch a Glimpse of the Sun”


Part 5/5 Chirp. Chirp. The birds chirped. The morning sun was rising.   Sundelli followed the laughing men as he tugged along his heavy diary.  He found it difficult to keep pace with the men but it did not deter him for he was curious to find where the men were going.  He ran as fastContinue reading “Pudiyathu”