Facing our Fears

Read Time: 2 min Have you ever been terrified of shadows? I vividly remember as a child wary to walk into any dark or dimly lit room. Whenever I wanted to take something from the room, and if I only really really needed it, I would run as fast inside, grab what I needed, andContinue reading “Facing our Fears”

A Woman’s Worth

A Whatsapp video was making the rounds.  A young girl walks into an elevator and closely following behind her walks in a man too.  Even before the door could shut, the man swings his right arm and hits the girl on her face.  He grabs the handbag from the stunned girl, repeatedly punches and kicksContinue reading “A Woman’s Worth”

Happy Independence Day

The In & Out of Freedom “The Great Freedom Sale!” the unmistakable orange-white-and-green advertisement calls out for your attention.  It is that time of the year, the month of August where discounts are doled out, rates are slashed and prices hit rock bottom.    Exclusive offers beckon the consumer and culminate to August 15th, the IndianContinue reading “Happy Independence Day”

4 Lessons from a Teacher who fought Cancer

“Cancer means death” that’s what she rationalized when she heard the devastating news when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Cecilia Emmett, an English Teacher and a mother of two was completely shattered when she heard the doctor’s diagnosis.  She had lost her husband, Quentin a few years ago to colon cancer, and just whenContinue reading “4 Lessons from a Teacher who fought Cancer”