Love Unexpected

My daughter and I went shopping.  As I looked through the clothes that hung precariously on the hangers, a pretty 5 year old girl popped out of nowhere.  With short black hair that sported a fringe and wearing a beautiful dress, she smiled and asked me in a charming voice, “Aunty, did you see my […]

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When in Doubt

“Can you check with the staff seated in the next counter?”, he asked me.  It was early morning and a time when customers slowly begin to trickle into the Bank.  A burly customer walked up to my table, let’s call him Shankar, approached me with a query.  It was a familiar enquiry, one that I […]

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When Walking through the Wilderness

Places are of significance.  William Wordsworth in his poem, ‘Daffodils’  writes of his experiences as he wanders through valleys and hills until he beholds a spectacular array of golden daffodils.  His experience had such a lasting impact on him so much so that whenever he is in a pensive mood, the beauty of those daffodils […]

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Unsung Heroes

They are there. Their stories may never be heard. Their sacrifices may never be applauded. They could be a friend, spouse, parent, sibling or a stranger. They are the unseen heroes.

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Looking Through His Eyes

My favourite spot at home is my dining table.  When its early morning as the sunlight awakens the world to a brand new day, sitting at my table, my eyes cannot but resist looking outside my window.  The white lace curtains that hang delicately on our window, softly moves with the gentle breeze and the […]

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Where is God? Someone once asked me what is your greatest fear?   I remember, without batting an eyelid, responding, “Swimming”. Thanks to the cajoling of my family, I decided to take the plunge, literally.  My experience during my first few swimming lessons, in a nutshell, let me say was – terrifying.    I ensured that I […]

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In a desperate search for healing, this outcast woman finds more – her identity.

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Everything else faded into oblivion when I heard the word “Cancer”.